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Personal Taxes
Accurately prepared Federal and State returns. Sound tax advice for clients in all 50 states and abroad.
Tax Return Review
Before you eFile your own taxes, let someone who really knows tax look it over and make sure you've got it RIGHT.
ReviewReviewSelf eFile
Refund Options
Your refund is your money. And we can provide you with two different options for collecting it.
IRS Representation
For Tax Conflict Resolution, the IRS hires tax experts to represent them. Shouldn’t you?
Business Taxes
Various small business tax return services. Help with formation of any business structure.
Our goal is to enable you to build a better business, by supplying you with better books.
Audit Defense
Are you facing an audit? We'll help you secure the best possible outcome during an audit.
W8 and 1042 Forms
Is there such a thing as a 1099 for non-US payees? You bet there is. Unsure if you need to fill one out? Find out here.
Expatriate Taxes
Tax return prep and FBAR reporting for Americans living, working, doing business or having assets abroad.
Comply Comply FBAR

Too busy? Do it from home!

BFS Tax is everything you’d expect from a traditional “brick and mortar” tax firm. The IRS holds licensed EAs to the highest ethical and educational standards, and there’s no playing around here. What we could be paying in rent, we are investing in technology and modern solutions to bring the value of a qualified, quality tax firm to your home or office desk. For top-notch, reliable and accountable accounting and tax, welcome to BFS Tax.

Filing taxes yourself? Let us check it over first!

If you’re young and savvy, you’re probably e-filing your taxes by yourself. It seems like the thing to do these days! But it can be all too easy to miss the credits and deductions you’re entitled to.

Before you click that “submit” button, send over a copy of what you came up with. Let a tax geek who knows way too much about tax law and innuendos give it a run-down for you. This will keep you from overlooking mistakes, so you can have peace of mind.

IRS on your back? BFS Tax helps you move forward.

The tax man is calling, and we can help! The IRS hires tax experts to represent them. Shouldn’t you?

The rights of the American taxpayer are not safe and secure simply because they exist. To fully benefit from your rights, you need competent representation that will enable you to reach an amicable solution to your tax conflict.
BFS Tax will deal with the IRS so you won’t have to.

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